All verified (or almost) the competitors of the 38th Sanremo Historic

SANREMO (IM), 6 ottobre – In the end, everyone is there. The big names on the entry list, both from Italy and abroad, made it through the race’s sporting and technical scrutineering unscathed, which recorded only five defections: France’s Pierre Vonic- Nicolas Valic (BMW M3 #6) and Serge Berthouly-Didier Reynouard (Datsun 240 Z #59), and Italians Claudio Zandonà-Lorenzo Bergamaschi (BMW M3 #43) Savona’s Marcello and Luca Rocchieri (Opel Kadett GT/E #48), finally Sergio Palazzolo-Giuseppe Amato (Opel Kadett GSi 16V #52)

European Championship, Luigi Battistolli on the assault to stem the foreigners. So the challenge remains open between Italian and foreign drivers for the success in a race that for prestige is worth a season and that can give thoughtful points both in the national and in the continental title. As for the European Historic Rally Championship of which Sanremo is the eighth out of nine events, we will have at the start all the protagonists of the rankings of the four groupings in which the continental series is divided. In Group I, British leader Eric Graham, co-driven by his wife Karim, given the advantage in the standings, leaves the traditional Ford Escort RS 1600 in the garage to aim for a prestigious result in the overall standings with a #5 BMW M3, leaving the way clear for the runner-up, Turin-based Nello Parisi with Giussy D’Angelo at the pace notes, Porsche 911S #16, who will have to contend mainly with (elementary) schoolmate Carlo Fiorito with local Nicolò Ventoso at the notes in BMW 2002 Tii #32 and Sicilian Marcello Pollara with Andrea Sarah Tardito at his side in Porsche 911S #33. The Second Grouping speaks Norwegian with the presence of the Norwegians Valter Jensen-Eric Pedersen, Ford Escort RS 1800 #11 (two veterans of the Riviera dei Fiori race, in their 15th presence), who will have to contend with the Italians Paolo Pasutti-Jean Campeis, Porsche 911 Carrera RS #10 currently third in the championship at a short distance from the top. They can decisively increase their lead in Third Grouping, Austrians Karl Wagner-Gerda Zauner Porsche 911 SC #3, given the absence of their direct competitors. The Fourth Grouping sees the Italians Luigi “Lucky” Battistolli-Fabrizia Pons in the lead, who will have the number 1 on the doors of their Delta HF Integrale 16V.

Italian Historic Car Rally Championship, Sanremo decisive. Second in the European, Nello Parisi leads the First Regrouping classification in the CIRA, and has a chance to crown himself national champion on the podium of Corso Imperatrice in Sanremo, the race that closes the season, if he can stay ahead of Giuliano Palmieri, with Lucia Zambiasi dictating the pace in the #41 Porsche 911 S, which chases him by two points in the standings. A real challenge to the last meter. Absent the leader of the Second Grouping (Matteo Musti), Lucio Da Zanche, with Daniele De Luis in the #25 Porsche Carrera RS has a chance to consolidate his second position in the standings. Sanremo decisive for the Third Grouping with leader Nicola Mannino, co-driven by Giacomo Giannone in the #28 Porsche 911 SC, who will have to contend with the twin #35 Porsche of Riccardo De Bellis-Cristian Soriani separated by 17 points in the standings. Sanremo will be decisive for the silver medal in the Fourth Grouping, which pits the #26 Ford Sierra Cosworth of Valter Pierangioli-Arianna Ravano and the #29 Ford Sierra Cosworth of Riccardo Mariotti– Sandro Sanesi, who will attempt to make up the 18-point gap in the standings.

The Program of the 38th Sanremo Historic Rally

Wdnesday October 4

Administrative checks – Grand Hotel Londra, Sanremo – time 19.00 – 22.00

Thursday October 5

Administrative checks – Grand Hotel Londra, Sanremo – time 8.00 – 20.00

Friday October 6

Scrutineering – Piazzale Adolfo Rava – time 10.00-17.00

Saturday October 7

Ceremonial start – Corso Imperatrice, Sanremo – time 11.00
SS 1 – San Bartolomeo-Bivio Calderara (7,76 km), time 12.33
SS 2 – Caravonica-San Bernardo (10,79 km), time 13.21
SS 3 – Colle d’Oggia (7,90 km), time 13.44
Regrouping – Piazza Colombo, Sanremo (30 minutes), time 14.44
Service Park, Piazzale Carlo Dapporto, Sanremo (30 minutes), time 15,24
SS 4 – San Bartolomeo-Bivio Calderara (7,76 km), time 17,07
SS 5 – Caravonica-San Bernardo (10,79 km), time17.55
Service Park, Old Railway Station Sanremo (45 minutes), time 18,55

Sunday October 8

Service Park, Old Railway Station Sanremo (15 minutes), time 9.30
SS 6 – Langan (14,62 km) time 10.48
SS 7 – Semoigo (7,36 km) time 11.51
SS 8 – Bignone (10,51 km) time 12.12
SS 9 – Coldirodi (5,46 km) time 12.37
Regrouping – Old Railway Station Sanremo (20 minutes), time 13.12
Service Park, Piazzale Carlo Dapporto, Sanremo (45 minutes), time 13.32
SS 10 – Langan (14,62 km) time 15.20
SS 11 – Bajardo (26,96 km) time 16.28
Final Arrival – Corso Imperatrice, Sanremo, time 17,35

38th Sanremo Historic Rally

Day One – 6 SS – 53,79 timed kilometers – 253,69 km total route
Day Two – 5 SS – 79,53 timed kilometers – 209,83 km total route
Total – 11 SS – 133,32 timed kilometers– 463,52 km total route


37th Sanremo Historic Rallye (Sanremo, 13-15 October 2022): Lucio Da Zanche-Daniele De Luis (Porsche 911 RS3.0), in 1.44’48”9; 2. Angelo Lombardo-Roberto Consiglio (Porsche 911 RS3.0), at 8”3; 3. Oreste Pasetto-Michela Graziato (Porsche 911 RS3.0), at 4’43”7.

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