38th Sanremo Historic Rally: entries proceed at a good pace, while those for the 37th Coppa dei Fiori open today

SANREMO (IM), Sept. 8 – With the opening of entries for the 37th Coppa dei Fiori regularity race, the Rallye Sanremo organizational machine comes into full swing. The 37th Coppa dei Fiori is the last race of the Sanremo motorsport week to open, after entries opened Aug. 14 for of the 38th Sanremo Historic Rally and Aug. 28th for the 70th Rallye Sanremo and the 24th Rally delle Palme.

The 38th Sanremo Historic Rally, whose first edition was held in 1986, is valid for the European Historic Rally Championship, will see competitors arrive in the City of Flowers for scrutineering on Friday, Oct. 6, while the race will take place in the Western Liguria hinterland, between Imperia and Bordighera, on Saturday, Oct. 7 and Sunday, Oct. 8. Last year’s 37th Sanremo historic Rally success went to Lucio Da Zanche-Daniele De Luis for an all-Porsche podium.

Following the cars of the historic rally, on the same roads will be the competitors of the 37th Coppa dei Fiori, a regularity race on average, valid for the Italian specialty championship.

37th Sanremo Historic Rallye (Sanremo, Oct. 13-15, 2023): Lucio Da Zanche-Daniele De Luis (Porsche 911 RS3.0), in 1.44’48″9; 2. Angelo Lombardo-Roberto Consiglio (Porsche 911 RS3.0), at 8″3; 3. Oreste Pasetto-Michela Graziato (Porsche 911 RS3.0), at 4’43″7.

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