37th Coppa dei Fiori, precision wizards compete on the roads of Western Liguria

SANREMO (IM), Oct. 4The charm of Western Liguria and its hinterland creates an irrepressible attraction to those who want to enjoy a “journey” on roads that have made the history of world rallying passing through forests and olive groves that have the magic of the flavor of the earth when reflected in the sea.

This lure could not be resisted by the 24 crews that have registered for the 37th edition of the Coppa dei Fiori, a regularity race scheduled for Saturday, October 7, and Sunday, October 8, which will be based in Sanremo. Attracted mainly by the scenic side of the City of Flowers and its hinterland are the seven foreign crews (three from Germany, two from Switzerland and one from the Czech Republic) who will come to challenge the Italian time trial specialists. Because the Coppa dei Fiori is real racing and has only one relentless judge: the stopwatch

That is why competitors are asked to be very precise (to the tenth of a second) in the precision test sections that wind through the hills above Imperia on the right bank of the Impero stream on Saturday; and on Sunday starting from Triora, a town in the past famous for its witches, climb the Langan, touch the hamlet of Semoigo, skim Mount Bignone and dive toward the sea of Sanremo through Coldirodi.

At the start of the race we will find again some of the protagonists of the last edition starting with the winners of the last edition, the Genevans Pierre and Elena Bonnet who have abandoned their Giulietta TI, the oldest car of the last edition, for a more performing Giulia Sprint GT with the #204 on the doors. Opening the dances will be Marco Gandino-Enrico Merenda, Ritmo 130 Abarth #201, followed by Paolo Concari-Cristiano Androvandi, Lancia Delta Integrale #202, the other two steps of the podium from last edition. Definitely worth watching is the race of former European Rally Champion, Maurizio Verini (four times second in the golden era) who will have at his disposal a Fiat X1/9 (#214) car that he knows well for having raced in rallies at the time and that he will share with Laura Martines, with whom he took eighth place overall last year. A regular presence at Sanremo for Mladà Boleslav’s Bohemians, Michal Pavlik-Monica di Lenardo in a Saab 96 Sport (#218), which sounds the same as the Swedish car driven to success in the 1966 Rally of the Flowers by Erik Carlsson, preceding the twin car of Pat Moss, a very fast driver who was none other than his wife (as well as sister of Formula 1 driver Stirling Moss).

36th Coppa dei Fiori (Sanremo, 13-15 october 2022): 1. Pierre-Elena Bonnet (ALFA Romeo Giulietta TI), 255 penalties; 2. Paolo Concari-Cristiano Androvandi (Lancia Delta HF), HF 4WD, 293 penalties; 3. Marco Gandino-Danilo Scarcella, Lancia Delta Integrale, 311 penalties.

The program of the 37th Coppa dei Fiori

Friday October 6
Administrative checks – Grand Hotel Londra, Sanremo – time 16.30 – 18.30
Scrutineering– Piazzale Adolfo Rava – time 17.00-19.00

Saturday October 7
Administrative checks – Grand Hotel Londra, Sanremo – time 8.00 – 10.00
Scrutineering – Piazzale Adolfo Rava –time 8.30 – 10.30
Ceremonial Start– Corso Imperatrice, Sanremo – time 12.30
AT 1 – San Bartolomeo-Bivio Calderara (7,76 km), time 14.03
AT 2 – Caravonica-San Bernardo (10,79 km), time 14.51
AT 3 – Colle d’Oggia (7.90 km) time 15.14
Regrouping, Old Railway Station, Sanremo, time 16,14

Sunday October 8
Service Park, Old Railway Station, Sanremo, time 8.00
AT 4 – Langan (14,62 km) time 9.04
AT 5 – Semoigo (7,36 km) time 10.12
AT 6 – Bignone (10,51 km) time 10.33
AT 7 – Coldirodi (5,46 km) time 10.59
Regrouping –, Old Railway Station, Sanremo (1.04’ minutes), time 11.33
AT 8 – Langan (14,62 km) time 13.41
AT 9 – Semoigo (7,36 km) time 14.49
AT 10 – Bignone (10,51 km) time 15.10
AT 11 – Coldirodi (5,46 km) time 15.35
Final Arrival – Corso Imperatrice, Sanremo, time 16.06

37th Coppa dei Fiori
Day 1– 3 AT – 26,45 km of precision tests – 126,70 km total route
Day Two – 8 AT – 75,90 km of precision tests – 209,30 km total route
Total – 11 AT – 102,35 km of precision tests– 336,00 km total route

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